The Weekend as a Coverage Runner.

Over the weekend my appearance on twitter and AIM was amiss. I was hired on to work the SCGOpen Series event that stopped in Memphis. I was in nerd heaven, with the “Nerd Flu” and “Nerd Funk”

Call time for everyone involved was at 9am CST, which meant I was going to be going to bed early, 10PM CST to be exact. While going to bed early was a good idea, waking up early wasn’t. My body told me to get the hell out of bed at, get this, 3AM, and yes I was insanely pissed. I stayed up playing Facebook games, sending emails, and basically getting ready to wake up my roommate to give me a lift to the event. At this point in time, I was praying to god I wouldn’t fall asleep.

Upon arriving at the Cook Convention Center, I noticed that this could get messy in a hurry. Why you might ask? I was wearing a University of Memphis polo to represent the city I have lived in a good majority of my life. That’s not the bad part. The bad part was when I noticed that the Judges hired for the event, was wearing the same blue as me. More on this later….

My job was to make sure the players were seated at the right featured match table, grab food for everyone, and to run deck lists to the commentators that were broadcasting live on That was it! I was running around checking out the players and tables showing off card playing skills that I am super jealous of.  The only “Professional” player was Gerry Tompson, which really doesn’t shock me. He’s been winning Standard events, along with being the reigning SCGOpen Invitational Champion for the first season!

Edgar Flores 2nd Place Star City Games Open Memphis Standard

We had 355 players for the Standerd Open, and I have to congratulate Mr. Tompson for placing in yet another Top 8, which means he’s going to be able to defend his Invitational Championship. There was something funny that you had to watch the live feed or be there to get a good chuckle for the chain of events. Gerry Tompson was pared in the first round of Legacy, with the runner up of the Standard portion of the event, Edgar Flores! (If he’s related to Mike Flores, has yet to be known.) So after Gerry played 9 rounds, and Edgar playing 11, they were set to do battle in the first round of day 2.Day 2 of Legacy had 130 plus, playing in the event. Nothing really worth mentioning, except Merfolk played by Alex Bertoncini, took home the $2,000 first place prize and became the First Lv5 in SCGOpen history.

The judges wearing the same color shirt as me, has to be the biggest failure one in my position would make. I was asked for Judge Rulings, and to help turn in result slips a total of 22 times! I got sick of it, so I ended up wearing plaid the following day.

When it comes down to it, the experience of my first major event in well over 2 years was one I will never forget. I would like to thank Glen Jones, for hiring me for the position, and for Joey Pasco and Joe “Bighead” Panuska, for allowing me to sit and watch and listen to their funny MTG banter, during the weekend. All 3 are really cool and would recommend anyone that plays in MTG to take the position, and you will be 2 boxes heavier. :)



CORRECTION: Edgar Flores didn’t play Gerry Tompson in Round 1 of Legacy on Day 2. It was the man that beat him for the title. Joey Mispagel. Thanks to @Affinityforblue Joey Pasco for the correction!

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